Saturday, March 22, 2014

Clara time!

Whew! I am getting behind on posting pictures, were does the time go?

Clara turned 6 months yesterday, can you believe it! I feel like I just had her yesterday. She is a sweet little baby with a darling smile and she makes me so happy. She loves smiling and laughing at Finn and daddy, and sometimes at other people but only if she knows them. Otherwise she just stares them in the eye with a steel gaze until they look away (-; hahaha, but really she does, it is kind of hilarious.

She is very active and moves all the time. She loves to roll, and "scoot" and kick, and grab, and wave her arms.

Mom was here last week and they had lots of fun together. My favorite time was when we were getting her and Finn ready for bed and Clara was naked on her floor mattress. Apparently she chugged a cup of coffee in secret because she went nuts and did some amazing naked rolling, scooting, screaming which included rolling naked on the book we were trying to read to Finn. He took it in stride like a sweet big brother.

And now what you came for, pictures! I will have more soon, these are actually all from a month or so ago (-:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finn sayings

"I'm as warm as two shapes of a bunnies tail ."

"Mommy you are not very good at baboon (balloon) paddle, that's okay, I still love you."

"Mommy that birdie said hi to me with its wings. All the birdies say hi to me with their wings."(nodding)

"I don't know Uncle Mike but I know Muncle Ancy, but I just don't remember her."

3/12/2014-started saying open sometimes instead of omee.

"Clara is powerful to make big boys yawn."

"Clara thinks daddy is on top of the car." (Because she was smiling at the ceiling)

"Daddy maybe next time I will beat you because I am a really good beater." (Bowling)