Thursday, December 5, 2013

Clara Grows

Hello! Clara and Finn are doing great here and getting excited for the holidays, how are you all? I ask because I made it a thousand times easier to comment if you are so inclined, try it!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Aunt Kiki, Nico Mama, and Neepaw ( Finn is actually saying Grandma and Grandpa now too, sad). We made a ton of food, watched "baby tv", and had fun visiting.

Clara is getting so big! She smiles a lot and has started trying to grab things. I love watching her hilarious expressions when she is trying hard to grab something, or when looking at her fists. She is a sweet little baby with a great personality and we are loving her more each day. Yesterday Finn gave her a hug and said "I really love you Cwara" and teared up, it was adorable.

Love you all and hope your holiday was great!

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  1. These are some cute kiddos!

    Nikko Mama