Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finn and the Worms

It rained a lot on Sunday night so we decided to go on a worm hunt Monday morning. We found a patch of dirt in the backyard and began digging. It took only a moment to find the first worm. Finn did not like the look of it and backed away claiming it was going to bite him. I had to prove the worms harmlessness by picking it up myself and acting like it was awesome (while trying not to gag and getting kind of sweaty). After the first worm he was sold and we proceeded to find 20 worms, oh the joy!

I know it is dumb but they really make me queasy! He loved the activity and insisted on "checking them out" multiple times during lunch to make sure they were "otay". We released the little beauties later in the day so they could "eat more dirt".

1 comment:

  1. how sweet of you to touch the gross worms ! I also hate worms. Finn looks like he is having an awesome time, can't wait to see you guys in june! love you!