Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finn speak

Finn is growing really fast these days and is already stringing sentences together, whew! Too fast for me!

I thought I better get some of the adorable things that he says down on "paper" before I forget them, enjoy!

" oh my heck!"

" mommy, I hopes I buy new choo choo one day"

Instead of James and Jim he says "Japes" and " Jip".

He still says "deeda" for again, even in complete sentences. " mommy, I want to go to the park, deeda".

Everything happened "the other day" whether it was yesterday or months ago. I crashed in a ditch in September and he still tells total strangers that " mommy crashed in ditch other day".

He comes downstairs and says " good morning Dudley!!" in a high pitched, singsong voice

When he sees an ant ( we have a problem). He says " really bad stupit ant". ( I was not aware I called them stupid ants until he started saying it, oops!)

When we are out and about he sometimes sees other boys and says, " mommy, that boy has peepee??"

He waves at people in stores and when they say " how are you doing?", he says " my good".

He plays a joke on me and Kevin and whenever we say things like " Finn, you are my buddy/sweetie/ etc". He says the opposite " no, my daddies buddy! Not mommys buddy!".

He has started saying "what!!!" Really loudly when he does not know what we mean.

He is very good at saying please and thank you

He remembers lots of people's names including his friends parents and neighbors, he is better at names than me! He calls my friend Beth " miss bess"

Yesterday he said " mommy please get me a snack, I starving!".

That's all for now folks!

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