Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finn words and cute pics!

Finn words

Nochie- lotion

Teetee rackie- tennis racquet

Apple snack or apple nausssse -apple sauce

Teehee mommy- silly mommy
Oh mommy

Chochie- coffee

Tee tee schoose- tennis shoes, not to be confused with basssseball shoes

Ahhhhhhhgggg- bird sound

Dirty bird- crows

No talk people- be quiet and pay attention to me

Nico mama- grandma

Move people- move people (-:

Eanie meenie- Emily

Ma my boogga blow oushst!- I blew a booger out!

Aanomon, chachi, and money- the names of his first trains- razzmatazz, Charlie, and Thomas

My buddy

Finn in a basket

Watching men cut a neighbors tree down


Yummy yogurt

Driving a big boy truck


1 comment:

  1. Awesome truck pic! And he looks like he's running, even in bed asleep. Fast foot Finn!

    love you!

    PS - you should include some birthday pics!

    PPS - thanks for the vocab update!