Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finn and the shades

Finn really loves to pull up the window shades, hours of fun I tell you!

YouTube Video

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Finn words!

Finn is talking up a storm these days and adding new words daily. Many of them are spot on or close to the real word, many are like the adorable ones noted below. This weekend he Ben started stringing 5 or 6 words together to form sentences. It is especially cute because they are usually out of order, makes my heart melt.

" Mommy baseball shoes on please".

Finn words
Mighty- vitamin
Niko mama- grandma ( started calling her that all the time after we said to say thank you for the tractor pj's)
Miss mutch! - this much, as in I love you this much
Onk nano- old McDonald
Eeemee- airplane
Peepa- pizza
Noonoos- pasta
Daddy's trutch!- daddy's truck

The DC zoo. What up fishie

Finn's smile face

Sweet swim floatie

I am just so precious!

Uncle Max's old outfit. (too tight, off now!)


Go long!

Calamine for my itchies please

Calamine or football?

Itchies win!

Daddy's chair

I love ma daddy mitch much!

Play dough with my bro

Hey guys, love you!