Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finn and the lawn mower

Finn loves to mow the lawn, I mean LOVES it with giant capital letters. It is often the first thing he says upon waking from his nap, "lmow mow". He talks about it all day too, at random times. He looks at me, says "lmow mow" and nods his head, urging me to comply.

Unfortunately for me, daddy is the only one who can quench this insatiable urge. On those special days when the lawn actually needs mowed, Kevin says, "okay Finn, let's mow!", and grabs the backpack. Oh my, Finn could not be more ecstatic. He throws his head back and laughs, claps, waves his hands in the air, and runs somewhere fast. He then patiently waits as Kevin straps him in and off they go, father and son "lmow mowing" the yard.

YouTube Video

This will be a three part video series because my phone does not like uploading long videos (-:

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