Friday, March 23, 2012

Vacation picture time!

Unfortunately, Kevin has most of the pictures on his phone but I still have some cuties to share!

Finn was an expert traveler and did so well on his flights! No dirty stares for us, yeah! Kevin got him a little airplane toy and Finn liked to make it "zoom zoom" into the sky during takeoff.

His favorite thing by far was the pool. He is like a fish! He loved walking around the raised edge, climbing on the stairs, talking to anyone near, and jumping in. He also loved dipping his toes in the hot tub like a big boy.

He finally got to meet Mary Louise who was thrilled! She got him his favorite gift of all time so far, a little rolling suitcase. He takes it everywhere with him! He even wanted to take it to bed and in the pool, heheheh. We let him take it to the airport and he walked with us rolling his bag just like a tiny little man. The other travelers got such a kick out of him!

He also got to spend a whirlwind 24 hours with Aunt Susanna and Uncle Justin. We played in the pool, ran around the resort, ate, and had a generally fun filled and hilarious time. And as usual, Finn adored Uncle Justin!

It was a very nice vacation and we loved seeing all of our friends and family. Love to all!

Coolest boys at the pool

Mmmmm, hotel

Check me out, just like dad!

Reading at Mary Louise's


Whahoo, ready to roll!

The pool you say?

Man I want to ride this

Chillen' with my Aunt and Uncle

Still chillen'

Hotel beds rock

Robo baby

Check out the luxury Uncle J

You too Aunt Sus

My precious


So sweet

Must have precious

I dare you to take it

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