Friday, September 23, 2011

Picture time!

Finn is almost a year old, can you believe it?!?

No mom, I cannot believe it!

You did not see anything...

Ahahahah, oh my gosh, she is funny!

Facebook shot

What is this delicacy?

Please, no pictures.

Dad, I thought you liked IU? Go crimson?

Can I fit inside?

I love my yogurt!

OMG! My new shoes are awesome!

OMG! My hair is awesome!!!

OMG! My mom is awesome!!!

I don't know if pink is my color...

I'll take it

Dad, help me out here

Shopping is hard work

Ahhhh, check out the duds

Hey ladies

Can you do this?

Yum yum

I am spent

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE these pictures, he has so much personality. and i love his open mouthed crazy face. who taught him that? hugs finn, you're the love of my life!