Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Limericks

Mom was kind enough to write these amazing limericks for Finn, thanks mom! We love you!!!

Finn Limericks
By Nancy McKibben

There was a young baby named Finn
Whose face always wore a big grin.
Folks found it beguiling
He always was smiling,
So everyone smiled back at him.

There was a young baby named Finn
Who constantly drooled on his chin.
He bit his poor mum
Till she grew rather glum:
“Can I last till his new teeth come in?”

There was a young baby named Finn
Who drove his new wheels like a djinn.
He would make the horn beep
In his little green Jeep
And invite all the babes for a spin.

There was a young baby named Finn
Who could walk with the help of his kin.
They said “It’s no trouble
To bend over double,
We’ll do it again and again!”

Further limericks of Finn

Finn’s looking handsome and pert
In his awesome Hawaiian -ish shirt
“He can wear any style,”
Mom declares with a smile,
“‘Cause he’s such an adorable squirt.”

Finn goes all squirmy and laugh-y
When Dad nuzzles him like a giraffe-y.
He arches and wriggles,
Collapsing in giggles,
Till sometimes we fear he’ll go daffy!

Finn likes to hang out at the pool
Where he dazzles the peeps, as a rule.
He is handsome and loud
And he draws a big crowd —
In his shades he can look pretty cool.

Some babes eat pablum all day,
But Finn is a baby gourmet.
He makes a big fuss
Over asparagus
And dessert is a nice crème brulee.

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  1. mom those are awesome! nice photos too. you should write a finn-a-book.

    love youuuuu!!!!!