Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finn's first shoes!

Finn and I enjoyed a little shopping trip at nordstrom yesterday where we purchased his very first pair of shoes!!!

They really go all out there and give the first time shoe buyer a balloon, stuffed animal, and picture keepsake, how cute! Also cute was when the guy measured Finn's feet in the metal foot measure, his little feet looked so round and he kept spreading his toes (-:

Enjoy the handsome shoe shots!


  1. adorable. i also like how your outfits color coordinate. i smell mother-son dance competitions in your future!!

  2. "he kept spreading out his toes" - i love the detail! and that is such a mckibben thing to do, by the way. sorry kev! he's got long and creepy mckibben toes, it must be the dominant trait. love you guys!

  3. He looks so proud of himself. So cute!