Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finntastic family weekend

Finn and I enjoyed a nice long weekend visiting the fam in Ohio. He finally got to meet his Aunt and Uncle/godparents who are back safely from Kenya, yeah! They loved him and he loved them, it was basically a big family love fest (-:

He also got sick for the first time with a fever and all! He was so sad and clingy the first day, I felt bad for him but I enjoyed the extra cuddles, he wanted me and only me. He got back to his normal smiley and jovial self quickly though and had fun the rest of the weekend. It was great to see everyone, we love you!

I want mommy!

Sleeping away my fever

Getting better!

We got to see Uncle Justin all dressed up for prom, he looked so handsome and his date Kelsey looked beautiful! Ooh lala!

Sweet sleeper

I love my Uncle Max!

And my Aunt E!

Chillen with gramps

Oh, hello.

Smart baby

My awesome new face

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