Wednesday, March 30, 2011

6 months

Wow, I cannot believe that Finn is 6 months old today, half a year gone in the blink of an eye. He has changed so much, some things seem gradual, some things seem to happen overnight!

I am so lucky that I get to stay home and share every moment with him. Last Saturday was actually the longest I had ever been away from him (4 hours) and I missed him so much! He was of course just fine and had a dandy time with his awesome daddy but I just love being with him so much that 4 hours seemed like a long time.

It is wonderful to see Finn and Kev together, they have so much fun and it makes me fall even more in love with Kev to see what a wonderful father he is. He even bought Finn his first car already, so spoiled!

There have been hard times in the last few months adjusting to a whole new life. Lack of sleep being the biggest adjustment but it is worth every lost hour of sleep and you know what, maybe it even made us closer since I get all those extra night hours with him too (-:

The hard stuff is so tiny though compared to what Finn has added to our lives. It really is amazing ( and scary! ) how much you can love another person. When he smiles my heart melts, when he cries half the time I do too, and when he talks I could listen for days. He is like a little bundle of sunshine and brightens each day.

It has also been amazing to see how much love and joy he has brought to our family and friends. It adds a whole other level of depth to our relationship with Finn to see our loved ones playing with him and showering him with affection, thank you all for being so amazing!!!

He is such a sweet, happy, joyful little baby and we are blessed to have him as our son. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months bring, not too fast though!

Happy 6 month birthday little Finnabelle, Finnaboy, Finnababy, Finnster, Finkelstein, Fink, and our sweet little Finn. We love you soooooooooooo much!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Happy six month birthday, Finn! And mom and dad of Finn! It was fun to see all the photos month by month. He has definitely added some adorable baby pounds this past month. And doing all the big boy things like eating and sitting up. So big! so cute!

    Thanks for sharing.

    love you much,

  2. Wow, cuteness personified. Thanks for sharing him with us!! I agree with McMom, I think he's getting some adorable cheeks going.

    Can't wait to meet him sooooo soon!

  3. Happy half birthday Finnababy. He sure is getting some cute baby cheeks. I can't believe he grew so much in a month. It is all that yummy sweet potatoe/broccoli pate! Can't wait to see him next weekend, if not before. Love you, Aunt Kiki