Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finn's first Halloween!

Well it is official, Finn looks cute in everything.  By the way, if anyone has a word other than cute send it over, we are trying to find another way to describe him because saying cute roughly a million times a day is getting tiring but you know, he is cute!

Anyhoo, we could not decide which costume to buy, a monkey or a pumpkin so we bought both (-:  And guess what, he looks fierce!/cute in both of them!

Not Halloween, just finally caught a smile on my phone

Me, Finn, and buddy/wood fairy Nancy

We did not take him out because it was really cold and we had to hand out candy so Kev just took him to the door so the trick or treaters could ooh and ahh.  Many of the kids did not care about anything other than candy (surprise!).  In fact, one little girl did not even look at us.  She walked up to the door, knocked without looking up, did not say a word, took a handful of candy, and walked away.  All without a single word or any eye contact, Finn must have scared her.

Just when we were thinking nobody would notice our cute little pumpkin a group of little kids walked up and a young girl screamed, "can I have the cute pumpkin instead of candy!", then another boy said "Miss,  your little baby sure is beautiful!".  He was probably trying to sneakily get more candy with that line...  and he did.  Thank you future president. 

We had a wonderful first Halloween with our new little guy and if I am going by the pure joy Finn expressed when we put him in his polyester costumes, I would say this is sure to be one of his favorite holidays.....


  1. Oh, a smile! I'm melting, melting . . .

    That pumpking outfit reminds me of the flower fairy costume that Sus wore - maybe you wore it too, I can't remember.

    love you!

    PS - We could use "cunning" instead of cute. Although Finn is clearly cute.

  2. cute cute CUTE! i can't wait to see little finnagin for christmas! can we dress him up as an angel or something? oh wait, he doesn't need a costume for that...

    love you all! i personally like the bear finn. but pumpkin finn was also adorable. who can decide? no wonder you bought both.