Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a new life

 Hello all!  Well it has been a while.  This mom thing takes some getting used to, it seems like since all Finn does at the moment is eat, look cute, sleep, eat, poop, look cute, sleep, pee, etc. I would have all kinds of time but no, instead I feel I have less than ever!  The good news is though that I finally feel I am getting the hang of it.  I think I had a problem for the first few weeks, baby blues or something.  I also lost a lot of blood during labor which made me anemic.  In reading more about anemia it can cause you to have symptoms similar to depression! Good to know!  My iron levels must be up or something though because this week has been great!  Finn is the cutest little thing (as you can see by the pictures).  He is smiling more everyday and starting to make little sounds.  Kev thinks his first words will be "no Dudley!".  Poor Duds is doing pretty well but he has a problem with barking at Finn, not nice to listen to and it scares Finn.  Don't worry though, we will not be sending Duds to the farm, he is getting better too, an adjustment for all.  A very sweet, adorable, and wanted adjustment though!

Right now Finn is actually sleeping peacefully on me in a Moby wrap (a fabric baby sling type thing).  I cannot say enough good things about baby wearing, look it up!  Finn loves it and so do I and it allows me to get a few things done!  It is really nice to be close to him too so I can kiss his sweet baby face whenever I want.

I feel great that I seem to be past the worried, stressed, weepy phase of new motherhood.  I am very thankful to have such a loving and understanding husband and darling little son.  Kev is having a great time being a dad and he is the best dad Finn could ever have.  He has been teaching Finn to run (by pumping his legs and saying "run run run run run"), he tickles him with is beard, and has fun talking to him and playing baby games.  I am sure they will have so much fun together when Finn is older playing every sport and game ever invented.

 I have been playing games with Finn too, I kiss his feet and "eat" his baby toes, dance around and sing with him, rub noses with him, and many other silly things.  I have also been wearing him in a sling while I cook so I am sure he will grow up to cook delicious meals, mmmmmmmmm.

We are loving our new life with little Finksters.  It is fun to have an official little family, more to come soon, maybe even video!

P.S.  Thank you to all of our family and friends who have called, stopped by, sent gifts, sent love, and helped us out, we love you all!

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  1. It's that word, I feeling it coming on, I can't stop, I have to say it --- cute, he's just so cute! There, I feel better.

    Glad you are feeling more perky, Care. Finn is looking adorable, especially in his little pants handmade by his talented mother!

    much love from G'ma!