Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finn's first 10 days

Hello all! Here are some pictures of Finn's first 10 days, we cannot believe he is already 10 days old!  We are having so much fun with him, he is a sweet little happy baby that we enjoy getting to know more and more each day.  It is amazing how he can do a little something more every day and he changes all the time.

It is definitely an adjustment going from no baby to newborn and while I cannot say that every day has been easy, I can say that every day is a pleasure that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  We are just trying to take in each moment and enjoy them because you can already tell that babies really do grow so quickly and Finn will only have one day like today. Yesterday was different and tomorrow will be too, we are just savoring each moment with our little boy.

Finn has enjoyed lots of company too!  He has met both sets of Grandparents,  Great Grandma, Great Aunt (Super as she says), his Aunt Holly, Uncle Justin, his cousin/aunt/buddy Nancy, and some Indiana friends too!  He is a popular little boy.  He has had lots of time with his Grandma McKibben, she has been here helping since he was born.  I would HIGHLY recommend help after baby, it has been amazing to have my mom here!  I cannot thank her enough for helping this last week, thanks mom, I love you!

And lucky us, Grandma/Nini Fletemeyer is coming tomorrow to help for another week, yeah!  Finn is a lucky guy and Kevin and I are blessed to have such wonderful families.

Thank you all for your well wishes, we are loving every minute of our new life, it is crazy, wonderful, hard, full of wonder, new challenges, new family, and most of all.... full of love. 

 Day 1 (Angel baby)
 Day 2 (Daddy's baby)
 Day 3 (Mommy's baby)
 Day 4 (Cozy baby)
 Day 5 (Great Grandma's baby)
 Day 6 (Stroller baby)
 Day 7 (Serious baby)
 Day 8 (Inquisitive baby)
 Day 9 (Stylish baby)
Day 10 (Confused sports baby, OSU hat and socks, IU onesie, IU daddy, OSU mommy)


  1. awww! and i think he is already mastering the one-eyebrow raised thing! i cant even do that yet...

  2. He can raise one eyebrow! I witnessed the phenomenon just today. So maybe Carrie will soon be putting up a photo of "ironic baby."

    with love,
    Mom (also Grandma)

  3. oh i love him!!! funny about the one eyebrow!! haha! i can't wait to meet the little guy in the spring!!!