Friday, October 1, 2010

Finn meets World!

Hello all!  Finn was born Thursday, Sept 30th at 7:05am.  He was 10lbs - 6oz, and very handsome!  Carrie and Finn are healthy and doing well.  We will post more soon, but wanted to get a few pics on the blog.

Finn just after getting cleaned up... he has a set of lungs on him!

Mom and Finn... look at his chubby little cheeks!  He's a healthy boy!

This is calm & peaceful Finn, Day 2.  Grandma McKibben loves her very first grand baby!

Papa Fletemeyer and his newest grandson... I think Finn got the Fletemeyer jowls!

And Grandpa McKibben holding his first grand baby... and Finn's middle-namesake!

Until our next post, peace out from the Finn and his proud parents!

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