Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello from the womb

Hello, my name is Finn Michael Fletemeyer.  I could be born anytime but I am not quite ready yet, it is cozy and warm where I am, soon though, I know my parents are excited to meet me!  Kevin and Carrie are my parents and I like listening to their voices.  I also like hearing my dog Dudley!  My parents don't seem to like it as much but I think he has a nice voice.  Here is a picture of him showing how excited he is to meet me!

I know that my family is excited to meet me too! Here is a picture of my Aunts giving me a  massage

I heard from the doctor last week that I am big!  I already knew that of course but I am happy to be big, it means I am strong and healthy and will be really good at throwing the ball with my dad. They even took a picture of me last week, I am running out of space in my current home so my face is smushed but I think I will be photogenic.

Actually I know I will be photogenic because even though I am in my mom's tummy I am a nice round shape, look at all of these pictures of her and dad, what a cute little baby belly I make!

My mom and dad have been working on a nice nursery for me, I cannot wait to see it!  I know it is bright and cheerful but not too babyish because they know I am a big boy and want a big boy room.  My crib looks comfy and cozy too, I am sure I will love sleeping through the night in it.

I am getting sleepy now, my mom has been walking a lot and it rocks me to sleep which I like, I am excited to come into the world and meet everyone who's voices I have been hearing.  It seems like I have the best family and friends a baby could wish for.  Bye for now and I will see you soon!

Love, Finn

P.S.  I liked my name Finnabell too, the blog name is in honor of my original name.


  1. Finn, Finn,
    Small and stout,
    When you're ready,
    Please come out!

    With love from Grandmama

  2. how adorable! Finnababy, I can't wait to meet you. I will be your favorite great aunt and I already love you as much as I love all of my sweet nieces and nephews and nephew in law!

  3. if you blog it, he will come...

    (a request for more entries veiled in attempt to convince you it will help finn come faster. he'll want to be the star of his own blog, after all.)