Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello there, is it cold where you are?  It is freezing here!  Finn and I took a little field trip to Whole Foods today (first time out of the house since Friday).  It took me about 10 minutes to dig my car out of the snow and get my windshield wipers pried off the windshield and then we were off!  It was a crazy cool grocery shopping time, Finn was happy and just looked around in wonderment, I also looked around in wonderment when I realized there were still other adults in the world and everything has not stopped while I was living in Babyland (-:

Babyland for those of you who do not know is a magical land full of baths, laughs, crying, interesting smells and sounds, smiles, sleeping, cooing, bouncing, colors, and love.  I would recommend that everyone visit Babyland sometime in their lives!

Stay warm, stay happy, and enjoy the vacation pictures from Babyland!

If you like it then you better put a ring on it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful holiday at the McKibben house, Finn enjoyed meeting even more of his family and seeing his Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncle!  We had a delicious free range turkey dinner complete with lots of side dishes and desserts, mmmmmmmm!  The Hoovler's, Grandma, and Aunt Kiki came over for the festivities and a great time was had by all.

Kevin and Dad went to the OSU/Michigan tailgate to watch the band perform before the game and then came home to enjoy watching the blowout with me, mom, , Justin, and Finn, go Bucks!

Justin has a new hanging out room in the basement that needed a TV so we had a little Craigslist adventure and bought him an early Christmas present, a TV and entertainment center for $30!  Kev and Justin strapped the entertainment center to the top of our car National Lampoon style and drove 30mph home with the hazards on, hee heee.

We had a wonderful first road trip/holiday with our new little guy and cannot wait to share many more holidays with our wonderful families!  Love to all!

4 Generations

Dad and Kev at the OSU/Michigan game

Kev and Brutus, go Bucks!

Chillin with the boys

Look at my sweet socks!

Justin and Finn playing Wii

Grandma and Finn


Me and Finn napping

So sleepy

Going for a ride

Finn laughing at Justin

Hey Aunt Holly!

More movies

Happy Wednesday!  Here are some other videos of Finn that were taken when he was younger, I figured I should post them for those who were interested (-:

Check back soon, a Thanksgiving blog is coming soon!

1 day old Finn

4 day old Finn

4 week old Finn

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Real live Finn!

Well folks, here it is.  The long awaited, much anticipated, Finn's first movie! Destined to become a holiday blockbuster and instant classic, make sure to add it to your Christmas wish lists (free shipping until December 22nd).  Enjoy!

P.S.  Finn would like to add that the video was shot by an amateur videographer, he will hire better people next time.

(click above)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just pics

Hello from Finn land!  This post is going to be mostly pictures, that is what you all come for anyway so I am sure nobody will be too sad that my glorious musings will be short today. 

Finn is going through his second growth spurt right now so I do not have much time to write.  Why you ask and how do you know he is going through a growth spurt?  Because he eats almost constantly!  He loves his milk!  Kev and I decided he treats his meals like a gourmet...appetizer, sorbet to cleanse the palate, dinner, cheese, dessert, and even a nice after dinner cognac. Mmmmmmm. His last growth spurt made him grow 2 inches and 1.6lbs in 4 weeks!  Crazy eh?  The doc actually measured him twice to make sure (-:

By the time this spurt is over he will be walking!  Look out NBA, Finn Fletemeyer is going to be the next LeBron James! 

Enjoy the pics and love to all!

What up


so sleepy

cool nerd

I am so cute!

close up!  I told you I was cute!

like a basket of kittens

2 baskets!

oh my, 3 baskets!

catching up on the news with dad

there are very serious things going on in the world!

You are getting sleepy....

check out my legs!

practicing my head balancing

my head is so strong!

and of course, CUTE!!!